About the Danish ENT Academy

The Danish ENT Academy’s aim is the advanced development of competencies, knowledge and skills within the specialty of Otolaryngology as well as developing skills in the early stages of ENT training. The Academy was developed in 2020 and provides several courses and symposia relevant to our Specialty. It runs in close collaboration with Region Sjælland. The courses include Danish and International lecturers, teachers, and instructors.

The Danish ENT Academy is completely nonprofit. We aim to provide high quality courses and symposia at low cost, supplemented by sponsorship from the medical industry.

Academy Members and Roles

Mike Papesch

Fahd Al-Shahrestani

Alaa Jady

Zia Niazi

Sponsorships responsible

Hjalte Sass

Fellowships responsible

Johan Kirkegaard

Alexander Ryberg


Hassan Ajina

Streamlining of workflows

Lasse Wischmann

Courses & Academy Contacts

Alexander Ryberg (e-mail)
Zia Niazi (e-mail)

Johan Kirkegaard (e-mail)
Alaa Jady (e-mail)

Fahd Al-Shahrestani (e-mail)

Further Courses

We are considering further courses to be added to the Academy including Phonosurgery and Airway Surgery and Management.

Join us

We welcome new input and ideas. Please do contact us if you wish to be part of our team.


All our courses and symposia are approved via EthicalMedTech and comply with regulations with respect to sponsorship. See the links below for further information.