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Symposium Programme

Day 1     |     October 5th

08.00–08.25Registration, coffee & pastry
Session 1Introduction session
08.30–09.15Opening lecture: OSA – from Dickens to Da VinciBhik Kotecha
09.15–10.00Sleep Pathology: An overviewPoul Jennum
10.00–10.30Obstructive Sleep ApneaPanagis Drakatos
10.30–11.00Break/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
11.00–11.30The importance of drug-induced sedation endoscopy (D.I.S.E.) techniques in surgical decision makingEva K. Kiær
11.30–12.00Reconsidering first-line treatment for OSAClaudio Vicini
12.00–13.00Lunch/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
Option 1: Main session, continued
Session 2Evaluation and therapies in OSA
13.00–13.30Efficacy of nasal surgery in OSAJoachim Maurer
13.30–14.00Daytime neuromuscular TherapyBhik Kotecha
14.00–14.30OSA in children and adolescentsEva K. Kiær
14.30–15.00Surgery vs ventilation in adult severe OSAClaudio Vicini
15.00–15.30Break/Poster Presentations/
Trade Displays
15.30–16.00RFA and palatal implantsJoachim Maurer
16.00–16.30Parasomnias in OSA patientsPoul Jennum
16.30–17.00Nasal resistance in OSAJohan Hellgren
End of day one
17.00–18.00The Danish Society for Sleep Surgeons Meeting (Dansk Søvnkirurgisk Selskab)
19.30Course dinner

(Comwell Køge Strand)

Day 2     |     October 6th

08.00–09.00Coffee & pastry & trade displays
Session 3Surgery in Obstructive Sleep Apnea
09.00–09.30Multilevel radiofrequency ablation for snoring and OSABhik Kotecha
09.30–10.00Hyoid Suspension in Multilevel OSA
10.00–10.30Combined transoral robotic tongue base surgery and palate surgery in OSAClaudio Vicini
10.30–11.00Break/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
11.00–11.30Hypoglossal Nerve StimulationJoachim Maurer
11.30–12.00Transoral robotic surgery for OSAS: outcomes and economic considerationsClaudio Vicini
12.00–13.00Lunch/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
Session 4Research, innovation & future perspectives
13.00–13.30Upper airway stimulationJoachim Maurer
13.30–14.00Dentofacial aspects and mandibular advancement device (MAD) treatments in patients with OSALiselotte Sonnesen
14.00–14.30The influence of the nasal airway on OSAJohan Hellgren
14.30–15.00MENToR research: OSAA. Kørvel-Hanquist
15.00–15.30Break/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
15.30–16.00Silent atrial fibrillation in OSA patientsAnna Højager
16.00–16.30Awaiting confirmation
16.30–17.00Presentation and prize for two best postersA. Kørvel-Hanquist
17.00Closure, evaluation & certification

Day 1   |   alternative – Nursing Plenary Session

Option 2: Nursing Plenary Session
13.00–13.45With the CPAP mask as a companion throughout life – what knowledge and network do patients need?Thomsen
13.45–14.30OSA multidisciplinary meetings and treatment benefitSarkez-K
14.30–15.00How can CPAP patients maintain their oral health?Ahonen
15.00–15.30Break/Poster Presentations/Trade Displays
15.30–16.15The bothersome side effects of CPAP treatmentBroström
16.15–17.00The OSA team: Challenges and ExpectationsThomsen